Sea Freight
MWI GROUP sea freight solutions focus on providing flexible services that deliver tangible and profitable benefits to our valued clients. Transporting cargo by sea is acknowledged as one of the most cost efficient means of moving goods across great distances. At MWI GROUP we specialize in this mode of transport.

MWI GROUP is the No.1 Sea Freight Exporter" of the UAE, specializing in sea freight Dubai solutions. We handle the largest volume of FCL and LCL cargo - 50,000 containers of cargo per annum, and cover a whopping 140 destinations across the globe.
Advantages of MWI GROUP Sea Freight Services
At MWI GROUP we deal directly with shipping companies, and help clients secure the best possible rates, especially when it comes to sea freight operations in the UAE.
We offer Full Container Load (FCL) & Partial Container Load (LCL) cargo services, and provide bespoke port-toport and door-to-door operations consistently throughout the year.
We are recognized for our ability to work closely with our clients to book capacity and track shipments anywhere, anytime to ensure timely arrival/departure of goods.
Apart from our sea freight UAE operations we offer a multimodal service package which includes our highly successful Air Freight, Road Transporand Warehousing Distribution services, which can be integrated to offer clients seamless logistical support.
Air Freight
MWI GROUP works closely with airlines and freight forwarders to offer seamless air freight solutions to customers across the Middle East. As a leading provider of air cargo services in Dubai, we offer our clients an unmatched repertoire of experiences and skills in cargo freight management, and air operations.

MWI GROUP Air Freight solutions specialize in offering clients the ideal balance between time, space, frequency and cost. Our air cargo services cover all major trading centers, and combine lexibility with speed and value to give clients a noticeable advantage.
Advantages of MWI GROUP Air Freight Services
We offer quick service within a fixed budget this includes our air express, high priority (24 hours) delivery, and value services.
Through strategic partnerships with local and international airlines, we offer our clients a truly global reach. When it comes to professionalism, loyalty, and consistency, we lead the industry by a wide margin.
We are specialists in providing bespoke door-to- door and airport-to-airport services.
We offer a multimodal service package which includes Road Transport, Sea Freight and Warehousing Distribution solutions. These solutions can be merged with our air freight services to offer clients consistent and coherent logistical support.
Ware Housing & Distribution
Utilized by leading retail and manufacturing brands in the UAE, MWI GROUP Warehousing and Distribution solutions offer state-of-the-art storage facilities, strategically located across the Middle East. From high-bay to low-bay, ambient to general purpose, retail to manufacturing, we are able to offer a multiplicity of warehousing solutions tailored for every customer's unique business needs.
Advantages of MWI GROUP Warehousing Services
We specialize in offering flexible services to suit customers changing requirements, at extremely competitive rates. Find out more about our rates.
We offer some of the best ambient, temperature controlled, and bulk storage facilities in the UEA. Frozen storage is also available upon request.
Our warehousing and storage services in sync with our Air Freight , Road Transport and Sea Freight solutions offer clients consistent and coherent logistical and distribution support across the Middle East.
Road Transportation
MWI GROUP is the leading provider of freight and road transport services across the Middle East. Due to the distinctive nature of our customer base, geographic footprint and scale of operations, we are able to deliver haulage and road transport services that demonstrate a fresh collaborative way of thinking and push the boundaries of transportation.

We operate 365 days and serve a diverse range of clients. From raw material, to manufactured products and consumer goods, we can handle almost any type of consignment or load combination. Our solutions include single or multi-drop options to and from any location, anywhere in the Middle East, at exceptionally cost effective prices.
Advantaged of MWI GROUP Road Freight Services
Unlike most road transport companies operating within the Middle East, our services are backed by trained professional, efficient vehicle planning, and modern communication systems to ensure accurate tracking of vehicles and maintain a time-sensitive delivery schedule.
Our comprehensive multimodal service package is completed by our highly successful Air Freight, Sea Freight and Warehousing Distribution services, which operates from various airports and seaports dotted around the region.
Our Destinations
MWI GROUP covers 140 destinations covering Europe, Gulf, Americas, Far East, and Africa. We pride ourselves by our extensive network reach which allows fast communication and premium service to our customers. Where ever you are, where ever your cargo is going, MWI GROUP can accommodate your requirements and provide you with a cheaper more economic solution to move your cargo.